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We are in one of the seasons in which we probably use our air conditioning system more due to the scorching temperatures of Las Vegas. Therefore, it is essential that it works in the best possible way! 

How then, do we know if our AC unit needs replacing?  Knowing the tell-tale indicators will help you determine if the time is right to have your AC unit repaired or replaced. Luckily, Rakeman Air is here to give you the run down:

If the unit pulls hot or cold air inconsistently

One of the most obvious signs that you need to repair or replace your air conditioning system is when it no longer cools a room properly.

Regular levels of ventilation still occur, however, if the air does not come out cold or hot despite having been set up for it, you will know there is a problem.

During regular use of your AC unit, you might experience some warmer air while in the cool setting, this is normal for the regulation of the temperature you have set.

But if your unit produces cold air constantly, and doesn’t shut off or regulate temperatures, it is time to investigate. The cause could be due to several factors such as low refrigerant levels.

However, the over-production of warm air when the unit is programmed for a cool temperature, indicates more serious problems, such as a potentially damaged compressor.

You may also have to repair or consider replacing your unit if certain rooms often become very cold and other rooms do not seem to have cold air. And of course, you should call the experts if the AC unit produces warm/hot air consistently on a cool setting.

Give Rakeman Air a call, and we’ll have a technician out there asap to inspect the valves, filters, coils, and drains. In the worst case? You will need a new AC unit! But not to fret- Rakeman Air offers competitive and affordable prices to all of our clients!

The AC unit has decreased airflow

Significant decreases in airflow are another tell-tale sign that your air conditioning system may be in need of repair or replacement.

If the thermostat is set to a specific temperature and you come to find that little or no air comes out of the vents – or if your home is still too hot – then the air conditioning unit is simply not working at its optimum level.

Perhaps it’s time to give Rakeman Air a call to inspect your AC unit. It could be a simple matter of replacing your air filter, cleaning the unit, or conducting routine maintenance on it!

Should the Rakeman Air technician come out to inspect the unit and find something more serious going on with it, such as an issue with the unit’s compressor, you may need to consider repairs or replacement of the AC unit.

Your Rakeman Air technician will offer up the best advice on your AC unit, providing all the details and pricing you will need to consider!

The unit makes strange noises or smells

If your air conditioner system is working properly, it should work in the quietest way! If you start to hear noises that are out of the ordinary, it’s definitely time for maintenance or replacement.

Minor noise changes can mean the fan may not be working properly, an internal mechanism may be clogged or something inside the unit may have loosened. This is simple repair- just call Rakeman Air!

However, if the noises are much more dramatic, such as buzzing, rattling, banging, or squeaking, it could indicate a serious problem and a replacement may be required.

The same goes for unusual emissions.

Bad odors could mean that the AC unit’s insulation is damaged or that the ducts are dirty or moldy. Dirt, fungi, and mold inside the unit can easily circulate contaminated air throughout the house, which can be a serious risk to the health of your family.

The problem could be that the filter only needs to be replaced. However, if the problem is long term or extreme, it is time to call the experts at Rakeman Air for an AC replacement.

The AC unit is leaking or producing excess moisture

Some air conditioning systems naturally emit small amounts of condensation, which often causes water to drip from the unit (outside the house of course).

For the most part, however, your air conditioning unit must remain dry, regardless of whether it is in use or not. There should never be moisture inside the house from the unit, as well as leaks or a sudden increase in condensation.

The safest option is to book an air conditioning service with Rakeman Air as soon as possible! The AC unit could represent a significant safety risk (we all know that electricity and water definitely do not mix).

Some units can generate refrigerant leaks, which can also be a health risk.

This type of problem should also be investigated by a professional Rakeman technician. They will immediately identify the source of the leak and advise on whether a new air conditioning system is the best decision.

Energy bills are rising dramatically

We’re sure you’ve seen the changes in the cost of your energy bills during the summertime in Las Vegas, due to the use of the air conditioning system.

However, if the bills suddenly skyrocket and you have investigated other factors that may have caused the increase, and all signs point to the air conditioning, it’s time to call a Rakeman Air technician to conduct an audit.

A decrease in capacity can generate significant increases in energy costs. This means that the AC unit is really struggling to maintain the desired temperature.

Your Rakeman technician will likely replace your filters, inspect the fans, check for knots or lumps in the condensing coil, and if all else fails, you may need to replace the system!

Call Rakeman Air in Las Vegas

In the best-case scenario, air conditioning systems must have routine maintenance done once a year, in order to keep them clean and in good working condition.

It is quite normal to expect some occasional minor repairs or partial replacement from time to time.

However, if your unit needs constant repairs, its warranty has expired, your energy bills are too high, or the AC system is simply not running efficiently, it’s time to replace it!

At Rakeman Air in Las Vegas, we have a variety of great air conditioning systems to choose from. Give us a call, or talk with your technician about a possible replacement of your AC unit. We can give you different AC unit options, and tell you more about the performance and versatility of all our options.

We are excited to meet you and take care of your air conditioning and heating needs in Las Vegas!