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Here at Rakeman, we know bathrooms. Over the course of their life, the average adult will spend a whopping 416 days in the bathroom. While some of those days will be spent in restrooms at your office, hotels, or friends’ houses, the majority will no doubt take place in the bathrooms in your own home. So it makes sense to invest some time, energy, money, and thought into making that bathroom as functional — and perhaps even enjoyable — as possible.

If you haven’t remodeled your bathroom since moving into your current home or if it’s been a few years, you might be wondering whether it’s time for a refresh. With the average cost of remodeling a bathroom clocking in at $10,000, it isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons to remodel a bathroom in your home — and how Rakeman can help! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Your Bathroom is Out of Date

Does walking into your bathroom feel like stepping back in time a decade or two? If the walls are covered in floral wallpaper or the shower doors are rimmed in shiny gold accents, your bathroom may be in need of an update.

When it comes to updating your home, many homeowners overlook the bathroom. After all, it’s not a spot you likely aim to show off or spend time in just hanging out. However, when you think about how long you spend in there and consider that most guests to your home will visit the bathroom at least once, fixing an out-of-date bathroom may seem like a better investment.

Many of the 2022 home improvement trends are ones that have been popular for a few years now. In the bathroom, spa-inspired decor, oversized neutral tiles, and statement soaking tubs are just a few of the big trends that can help make your bathroom a modern space that you’ll love to show off.

2. Fix Damaged Appliances

No matter how well you care for your home and keep up with routine maintenance — with a little help from Rakeman — your home will still suffer from regular wear and tear. In your master bedroom or living room, this may mean marks on the wall or scuffed floors that won’t affect the functionality of your room. Ignoring these marks and minor damage won’t wind up costing you any more to fix over time.

The same can’t be said for regular wear and tear in your bathroom. Cracked or damaged tiles on the floor and wall, a leaky faucet, or mold and mildew forming on the walls are all common problems that occur in bathrooms over time. Ignoring them can allow water to get into your walls and floors and cause costly damage. A leaky faucet can cause you to wrack up a larger water bill over time — one dripping faucet can cause you to waste 20 gallons of water each month. Left unchecked, the mold and mildew growth can even impact you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

If your bathroom has some damage, it might be time to update and upgrade your fixtures and appliances to save you from more costly damage down the road. 

Some other signs to watch for that could indicate issues in need of repair or replacement include:

  • A bathtub drain making gurgling noise or not draining properly
  • Toilets that won’t stop running or that leaks (Call the emergency pros at Rakeman quickly for this one!)
  • Shower or tub drains gurgling when not in use
  • Soap suds coming out of tub overflow when in use

3. Increase the Value of Your Home

Planning to sell your home in the coming months or years? Even if you think a move is a few years away, thinking about resale value when choosing which home upgrades to make can help you make the most of your investment.

Some of the best home upgrades for release value are adding a pool or an entirely new room to make an additional bedroom or bathroom. But these remodeling projects are costly upfront, as well as time-consuming. A full bathroom remodel takes far less time and money up front, while still helping you increase the resale value of your home by an average of $11,000, or 3.7 percent.

4. Rethink the Functionality of Your Bathroom

Updating your bathroom is a great way to get a modern space that you’re proud to show off. But you should consider more than just style when remodeling your bathroom. This is also a great time to think about the functionality of your bathroom.

Maybe your bathroom features a shower. But now that you have kids, you realize that you’d like to have a bathtub, too. Or you think that having two sinks instead of one will make getting ready in the morning faster and easier.

If you’re able to invest the time and money, your bathroom remodel can also take into account big plumbing or layout changes that can help make your bathroom more functional for your family.

5. Conserve Water

Most of your home’s water usage comes from your bathroom. Toilets alone account for almost 30 percent of a home’s water usage. And if your toilets or shower heads are anywhere from a few years to a couple of decades old, you could be using far more water than you need to — and spending more money on your monthly water bills than necessary.

Older toilet models can use up to 6 gallons of water for every single flush. By comparison, modern toilets can use as little as 1.28 gallons in a single flush. That means updating your toilet could help you save 80 percent more water with every single flush.

Another common bathroom appliance that’s likely costing you more money than necessary if it hasn’t been updated recently is your showerhead. Showers and baths account for around 17 percent of a household’s water usage. Modern showerheads utilize new technology to increase the flow rate while reducing your water usage. This means you still get an enjoyable shower without wasting money or water. A showerhead that carries a WaterSense label can help the average family save up to 2,700 gallons of water every year compared to other showerheads.

Remodeling Your Bathroom With Rakeman

Whether your bathroom is old and outdated, you want to save water and cut your water bill, or you simply want to make your space more functional for your family, a bathroom remodel can be a great investment.
From upgrading your fixtures to full remodels, we specialize in bathroom remodels at Rakeman. Give the pros at Rakeman a call today to get your free quote and get the bathroom of your dreams!