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You’re right in the middle of enjoying your peaceful evening self-care routine when you turn on your bathroom sink. Suddenly, that peace and quiet is interrupted by those persistent bathroom sink gurgles.

When gurgling noises strike in your bathtub, shower, or sink, it can be tempting to overlook the problem and simply ignore the annoying noise. But gurgling drains are often only the first sign of a more serious problem.

So what causes sink, shower, and bathtub gurgles? Keep reading to learn a few common causes, how to get to the root of your problem, and what you need to know to fix them—as well as how to know when it’s time to call in the plumbing experts.

Common Causes of Bathroom Sink Gurgles

Before you can start the process of fixing your bathroom sink gurgles, you first need to get to the root of the problem. A gurgling sink—much like a shower drain gurgling—isn’t a one-size-fits-all problem. Instead, this annoying sound, the slow draining, and the bubbling water may be caused by several different issues. Or even a combination of issues.

Let’s take a look at three common issues that could be behind your bathroom sink making gurgling noise.

Your Sewer Line is Blocked 

One common cause that could be behind both your sink noises, as well as your shower or bathtub gurgling, is a blocked sewer line. This issue can quickly become much more than just an annoyance; without proper treatment, it could become a stinky health hazard.

Sewer lines leading out of your home carry wastewater to your city’s municipal sewer system. But just like any of the pipes in your home, these may get clogged from time to time. A partial clog can be the reason for your bathroom sink making gurgling noise. It could also be behind noise in your tub, shower, and any other drains in your home. But if that partial clog gets worse, it can become a very serious plumbing emergency. It can even cause sewage to back up into your drains.

Unfortunately for homeowners, this is a plumbing problem that’s very difficult to fix on your own. There’s a lot of distance between your drain and the sewer line. This makes it tough to snake using the tools most homeowners have. Instead, you’ll want to call in the experts to treat your bathroom sink gurgles and any sewer odors that might be coming with it.

A Partial Clog in the Pipe

If your bathroom sink drains slow and bubbles, but other drains in your home aren’t gurgling, a blockage in your sewer line likely isn’t the cause. Instead, a partial clog in your drain pipe could be to blame.

Our sinks are designed to carry water and soap down the drain. But often, hair, oils, food scraps, soap scum, and more are carried along, too. Over time, this residue may get stuck on the walls of your sink’s drain pipe. If enough gets caught, a partial clog may occur. This clog slows down the flow of water through the pipe. So when you turn on your sink, and the water backs up. As a result, gurgling and bubbling occur, and your sink may not drain right away.

If you notice your shower drain gurgling, your bathtub gurgling, or even your kitchen sink, this could be the likely cause. You can clear clogged drains on your own. But think twice before turning to chemical drain cleaners; these can actually damage your pipes. If you can’t clear your clog with a drain snake, it might be time to schedule a plumbing maintenance visit.

The Drain Isn’t Vented Properly

To prevent a vacuum from forming when your sink is turned on, every drain has a vent pipe that releases sewer gasses outside of your home. Usually, this vent is located on your roof. This means that it can sometimes get clogged with debris, like leaves or bird nests. With nowhere for the sewer gasses to go, they’ll back up into your drains. This could be another likely reason why a bathroom sink drains slow and bubbles.

In order to fix this common problem, you’ll need to get up onto your roof to clear away any debris and allow your drains to vent properly once more. Only do this if you can safely climb on and off your roof. If not, it’s best to leave this maintenance to the professionals.

Fixing a Bathroom Sink Making Gurgling Noise

Now that you know a few common explanations for your bathroom sink gurgles, it’s time to fix your slow, bubbling drains. 

If you aren’t noticing any sewer smells, start by using a drain snake to try to clear the pipes directly beneath your sink drains. If a partial clog is to blame for your sink woes, this should solve the problem! But if not, your sinks will likely continue to bubble and gurgle. Next, consider checking your roof vents for any possible blockages. Again, this is something you should only do if you know that you can safely access your roof.

But if you’ve tried these common solutions and are still suffering from gurgling sinks, it’s time to call in the experts. A professional plumber can get to the root of your gurgling drains, and get them cleared fast. Whether a stinky sewer issue is to blame or a simple clog, calling a professional plumber is the fastest and easiest way to get your drains back to normal!

Let the Pros at Rakeman Fix Your Gurgling Drains

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