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While kitchen renovations have long been the most popular home projects to take on, guest or extra bathrooms are gaining in popularity. One reason for this rising trend could be that bath remodels can be low-cost. Compared to the average cost of $14,000 to renovate a kitchen, the average guest bathroom project costs just $3,500. Of course, if you’re looking to remodel your bathroom from top to bottom, it could cost you several times that.

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner might opt to re-do their bath. If a bathroom hasn’t been remodeled in recent years, the layout or style may no longer be functional. Streamlined vanities, tubs, and other fixtures, as well as new tile and fresh paint, can help to open up the space and make it better suit your family’s needs. Remodeling a bathroom can also make for a great return on investment if you’re prepping your home to sell. On average, a bathroom remodel will yield a 62 percent return on investment, if done well.

Whether you have a master bath or a guest bathroom in need of a revamp, you have no shortage of styles to choose from. If you’re looking to create a modern space, keep reading to learn a few of the top bathroom remodeling trends that are set to dominate in 2022 — and how the best bathroom remodeling plumbing Las Vegas has to offer can help you create your dream bath.

Spa-Inspired Spaces

Self-care was a trending topic in 2020. Now, after almost two years of spending more time at home than ever before, many of us are itching for the luxuries we enjoyed pre-pandemic; including a visit to your favorite spa. That could be one reason why many homeowners are looking to bring the spa home with them in the form of a trendy bathroom remodel.

Spa-inspired spaces have become a big bathroom trend in the past couple of years, and there’s no sign of that changing in 2022. This is one trend that you can implement on just about any budget. For those looking for a quick revamp, the addition of fluffy rugs, plush towels, and a diffuser can help set the stage for some at-home relaxation. If you’re ready to revamp your space completely, a soaking tub, sleek vanity, rain head shower, and heated floors can create some major spa vibes. 

Think that a soaking tub or rain head shower is out of reach because of your current bathroom design? The best bathroom remodeling plumbing Las Vegas has to offer can help you to update and adjust your plumbing to fit your renovation goals.

Small-Space-Friendly Vanities

For homeowners looking to make the most of a small guest bathroom, vanities are often one of the toughest design decisions to make. Even small vanities can take up a lot of space, particularly in a half-bath or a bathroom that’s an unusual shape. But this next bathroom remodeling trend can help solve this problem.

A floating vanity is a great way to add this essential bathroom fixture without taking up unnecessary space. While most vanities have grown in size in recent years to accommodate double sinks or add additional space, floating vanities are a great way to reduce the footprint of your vanity. Most modern floating vanities offer clean lines and a minimalist look that can help to make your small space feel larger.

One drawback of this trend is that it cuts down on the storage space in your bathroom. Floating shelves or storage behind your bathroom mirror can help to give you more room to store towels and toiletries if you do decide to opt for a floating vanity. Get creative with your towels; rolling your towels and placing them in a basket on a floating shelf is a great way to make them match your clean decor without having to have space to stash them out of view.

Tiles Get a Modern Refresh

Another big trend that’s been making waves in bathrooms in recent years is new and modern tile designs. Wood-look tiles, for instance, can be used to create a natural-inspired space without dealing with water-damaged wood floorboards. Oversized wall tiles in neutral tones are taking the place of stone-look, smaller tiles that dominated in the past couple of decades. Much like a floating vanity, large tiles can help to make a small space feel larger.

If your style tends to be more classic, but you still want your bathroom space to feel modern, colored subway tiles may be the answer. Subway tiles on shower walls have long been a staple in bathrooms. White tiles never go out of style. But new hues, like dark gray or even pale blue, are also growing in popularity, and may well turn into classic style staples.

Soaking Tubs are Becoming More Affordable

We already mentioned soaking tubs as a great way to create a spa-like feel in your bathroom. But these standalone bathroom fixtures have long been synonymous with luxury, making them out of budget for many homeowners. Luckily, this is another trend that’s rapidly changing. 

As soaking tubs become more affordable, they are also beginning to be designed in new and unique ways. You’ll now find smaller tubs great for tight spaces, and tubs in a variety of styles to match different decor choices.

If you previously had a traditional tub in your bathroom, keep in mind that you might need some help from the best bathroom remodeling plumbing Las Vegas has to offer to adjust or move your plumbing to accommodate your new soaking tub.

Putting the Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2022 to Work

Does your master or guest bathroom need a refresh? Whether you’re planning to paint and change out your rugs or undergo a major project with a little help from the best bathroom remodeling plumbing Las Vegas has to offer, let these trends inspire you to re-do your master or guest bath in 2022.

Ready to launch your own bathroom remodel in the new year? We can help. Our plumbing experts can help to bring your bathroom goals to life and ensure that your space is beautiful and functional for years to come. Give us a call today to learn more about our remodeling plumbing services.