Scaly Hair? Hard Water May Be Damaging Your Water Heater

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

Hard water is a problem that affects homes across the world and is an issue that can cause many difficulties. For example, the first sign of hard water is typically a rough hair texture whenever taking a shower. However, this minor symptom should be heeded because untreated hard water can gradually destroy a water heater and cause homeowners a lot of financial difficulties.

Hard Water Affects Hair Quality 

Hard water contains a variety of minerals, including magnesium and iron, in concentrated levels. All of these metals trigger a multitude of issues, including soap that won’t create suds very well, a sticky feeling whenever taking a shower, and problems with a home’s plumbing system. The most obvious and early of these symptoms, though, is scaly and rough hair. 

This problem occurs because the metal in the hard water sticks to the hair and causes it to become scaly and unmanageable. Even worse, these metals can cause a change in hair color and also cause it to fade to a lighter color. This problem will become worse with longer or more prolonged exposure to hard water.

However, the problems that hard water cause to a water heater are more critical than those that it creates in hair. Therefore, anybody who is experiencing scaly or rough hair after every shower needs to understand how their vitally-important water heater is being affected every time more water is pumped into its storage area.

Water Heaters Are Also Damaged

The minerals in hard water may affect pipes and other plumbing outlets, but it can cause problems in a water heater. Hard water in a water heater remains stagnant for extended periods, which allows the minerals in the water to settle. The heating process of the tank further complicates this settling. As the tank heat, the minerals harden and create lime scale on the bottom of the tank.

Unfortunately, while these scales build up along the bottom and the side of the tank, the heater will become less efficient. More heat may be needed to maintain a proper temperature, which puts a strain on the unit.

Even worse, these scales can get bad enough to cause the unit to fail. Thankfully, hard water treatment can help to manage hard water the moment you notice it on your hair.

Treatment Avoids This Issue 

Hard water is a problem that only changes when the affected individual takes the time to add a treatment method to their water source. For example, water softeners remove the hard minerals from the water gently and to keep it smooth. In this way, a person protects their hair and water heater from severe damage.

However, these systems require the use of softener salt to clean the brine that are used to attract these metals out of the water. When the salt is too dirty or old, the homeowner needs to either replace the salt themselves or have somebody replace it for them. Most plumbing professionals should be able to perform this simple activity without much difficulty.

Individuals who don’t want to invest in a full system can also install filters on their faucets or shower heads.  These systems can fit either on a faucet or on the cold water supply to the faucet.

Professional Treatment Is a Great Investment

While homeowners can always buy these devices and try to add them to their home, many mistakes could be made during the process. Call us at Rakeman Plumbing & Air to get an estimate on this process or to learn more about how hard water is damaging your heater. With our help, you can keep your water heater running smoothly and without any scaly buildup in the tank.

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