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Easter Sunday is a popular time for family and friends to gather together for large feasts and activities. Hosting an Easter Sunday dinner at your home may include a lot of people, drinks, and food. But along with preparing a list of party supplies, you should also prepare for any plumbing needs you may have for the party.

Taking preventative steps with your plumbing can make a big difference when it comes to clearing drains and preventing any issues during the holiday dinner. You can follow multiple plumbing tips to check for any problems present and prevent them from occurring during the festivities.

Follow these Rakeman Plumbing Tips to Avoid a Sudden Mess on Easter Sunday or any other parties you may be hosting this spring!

Cooking Preparations

Easter Sunday is known for of great foods. Baked ham, turkey, or other kinds of meat are usually on the menu as the main course. But unfortunately, grease usually accompanies these delicious options. Pouring grease down drains in your home is a recipe for disaster. Grease can quickly clog pipes and cause gunk to build-up as it hardens.

While preparing to cook Easter meals, have grease traps ready to capture all the extra grease and liquid fat. You can purchase an official grease trap or use one of the many do-it-yourself methods to help prevent grease from getting down your drains.

If a clog does occur, a plumber will have to use a professional snake or water jets to clear up your pipes. Keep in mind that Easter Sunday isn’t the only time that you should avoid pouring grease down the drain. Because of the damage grease can do, you should avoid pouring it down your disposal anytime.

Garbage Bins & Collection Bins

The typical garbage cans in your home may not be enough to accommodate all of your guests. So setting up multiple bins in your home can help prevent plumbing disasters or other accidents. For example, you can set up a collection bin near the sink or serving area of your home.

When guests are done using dishes, they can dump uneaten food directly in the bins rather than the sink, preventing food particles and other items from going down the sink drain.

Extra garbage bins are also ideal if you’re serving food on disposable plates. Everything can be thrown in the large garbage bins and kept far away from a sink or drainage area.

Drain Cleaning Services

Along with the kitchen sink, extra guests in the home will dramatically increase the use of the bathroom. More flushes, more water rushes, and a lot more waste will be leaving your home. Before the gathering takes place, you may want to take advantage of drain cleaning services.

If your toilet takes a little longer to flush or doesn’t have as much pressure as you would like, then there may be problems deeper down in your system than you realize.

Drain cleaning services from Rakeman Plumbing can help clear out all of the drainage pipes to ensure smooth sailing for an Easter Sunday gathering. Waiting until a problem or flood has occurred will only create more problems and increase the costs of repairs.

Garbage Disposal Issues

If your home has a garbage disposal in it, then you may find yourself relying on it for clean up after Easter Sunday ends. Before you start grinding away at waste, pay attention to the way your disposal has been acting.

Loud noises, dulled blades, power issues, and jams can all make clean-up a huge issue, especially when you’re dealing with an increased amount of garbage. A garbage disposal repair service can get the disposal running like new again and handle all of that extra food.

Let our professional plumbers at Rakeman Plumbing help you prepare for the big Easter celebration and any other parties you may be hosting.

Let Rakeman Plumbing Help

Because your garbage disposal mostly sits out of sight, you may have trouble identifying when this appliance needs to be serviced.

You may need repairs or garbage disposal replacement if you notice that your garbage disposal:

  • Does not turn on at all or loses power unexpectedly, which could result from a circuit breaker issue or a blockage
  • Frequently jams regardless of the size or resistance of the food waste in it, which could indicate a motor problem
  • Frequently needs to be reset before it can be used, which can occur as the appliance or its wiring ages out
  • Has a persistent odor despite your best cleaning attempts
  • Leaks during use, which typically happens when the seal degrades
  • Makes grinding or screeching noises when powered on, which indicates a misalignment in the disposal’s components
  • Takes much longer than usual to break down food waste, which could point to dulled blades
  • If you’ve noticed a change in your disposal that isn’t on this list, let your Rakeman technician know so we can account for that issue as well.

Rakeman Plumbing has provided expert plumbing services to homeowners in Las Vegas, NV, including Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and more, for over six decades.

Whether your disposal needs a small tweak or a complete upgrade, you can trust our certified, licensed, and professional technicians.

Contact us today for a garbage disposal repair or replacement quote.