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If you want to reduce your footprint and save money on water, you might have considered a low-flush toilet. These toilets may be efficient, but they can still pose the same problems as other toilets. In fact, they may be even more prone to problems than their high-flush counterparts may.

Do you have toilet clogs in your low-flush toilet? Read this guide to learn more about preventing and dealing with clogs.

Low-Flush Toilet Clog Prevention

Toilet paper can clog up low-flush toilets. Some toilet papers are more absorbent than others, meaning they can soak up water and create a blockage in your pipes.

In addition to absorbent toilet paper, other items also create clogs in your toilet. They include stiff stools (caused by certain diets and medicines), wipes, condoms, sanitary pads, and tampons. In fact, avoid putting anything in a toilet that is not toilet paper or human fecal matter.

Low-Flush Toilet Clog Solutions

You have several options to try to clear the clog in your low-flush toilet. Here are a few of them.

Bucket of Water

Some people will pour a bucket of water into the toilet to force the toilet to flush, but this can also sometimes cause the toilet to overflow if you have a clog.

Toilet Flush

Sometimes, you can remedy problems with low-flush toilets by simply flushing the toilet again.


You should always have a plunger next to the toilet to help handle minor clogs. When you keep a plunger available, guests avoid the embarrassment of telling you that something has gone wrong with your toilet.

Plunging the toilet with a tight seal surrounding the hole can remedy many issues associated with clogs.

If you do opt to plunge your low-flush toilet, ensure that you put the rubber cup of the plunger so that it seals the hole at the bottom of the bowl. Do not be discouraged if you pump the plunger for several minutes before you notice a change.

Professional Help for Sewer Line

Sometimes, clogs are linked to issues with the main sewer line and have nothing to do with the quality of your toilet. In cases like these, you need to call a professional plumber to have a look at your pipes. Punctured sewage lines, tree roots, sediment buildup, and other issues cause these problems.

Water Valve Shutoff

If you notice the clog has gotten out of control, you may need to turn off your water at the valve. This prevents water from overflowing over your toilet and on to the floor.

Low-Flush Toilet Clogs Assistance

Dealing with a clogged toilet is more than a nuisance. It can disrupt your life, especially if you have a lot of people who need to use the bathroom throughout the day. You need a professional you can count on to fix your biggest toilet problems.

Rakeman Plumbing and Rakeman Air provides plumbing services for people with all types of plumbing issues, including toilet clogs. Call us today if you have problems with your low-flush toilet.

Clogs happen to every toilet, but, with some maintenance or care, you can prevent common blockages. We are also happy to answer all your questions and address all your concerns about your clogged toilet.