Planning a Party? 5 Ways to Protect Your Plumbing

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

The holiday season has arrived, and you can’t wait to celebrate via an epic Christmas party. You’ve sent out the invitations. You’ve decorated your house from top to bottom. And you’ve found the latest, tastiest recipes that Pinterest has to offer.

But as you prepare for your party, don’t forget to protect your plumbing. An overflowing toilet or a backed-up sink could quickly ruin the special night for you and your guests.

Fortunately, the following tips can help you stop plumbing problems before they start.

  1. Place a Trash Can Near the Toilet

If you’ve kept up with our blog, you already know that certain items will clog your toilet quickly, such as feminine supplies, napkins, and baby wipes.

However, your guests might not share in your extensive plumbing knowledge. And in their desperation to dispose of unwanted goods, they may feel tempted to use your toilet as a trash can.

For their convenience and your peace of mind, don’t hide the trash can under the sink or in the towel cupboard. Instead, set it next to the toilet where it has the most visibility.

  1. Keep a Plunger Within Reach

Small clogs can lead to big problems when left unattended. If one guest clogs the toilet and other guests follow after, you may soon have soiled water overflowing onto the bathroom floors. And with each subsequent flush, your guests not only increase the risk of water damage but also push the clog further into the pipes, escalating the problem.

Although you should always call a plumber for bigger, more stubborn clogs, you can usually handle smaller clogs on your own. Keep a plunger within easy access of your bathroom, and let your guests know that you can help them as needed.

  1. Allow Guests to Use Multiple Bathrooms

If your home has multiple bathrooms, you may have assigned one beautifully decorated bathroom for your guests’ use. After all, the guest bathroom sits conveniently close to the guest bedroom, the living room, or the kitchen. And you might not have time to hide your toothbrush, makeup, and hairspray in your personal bathroom.

But when you have lots of friends, family members, and neighbors visiting, one toilet might struggle to handle constant use. If you don’t watch it closely, the toilet has a greater likelihood of clogging. And of course, multiple guests may have to use the facilities at the same time.

So let your visitors use your other bathrooms as needed. Your toilets and your friends will appreciate your generosity.

  1. Scrape Dishes Before Washing

Your party is the perfect opportunity to try new recipes. You may even encourage your friends and family members to bring their own appetizers, desserts, and sides.

But when all the snacks have gone, you will likely have more than a few dishes to clean up afterward. Before you put your plates, bowls, and cups in the dishwasher, take a few moments to scrape remaining food particles into the trash. Do not rinse the food into the disposal, as fats, oils, grease, and other items will likely clog your plumbing.

  1. Insert a Hair Catcher in Every Drain

Hair catchers, as their name implies, do an excellent job at protecting your drains from hair clogs. Any hair that washes into the sink will collect at the catcher, and you can pull it out at your leisure.

But hair catchers do more than stop hair. They also stop larger chunks of food, jewelry, candy wrappers, and medicines from traveling down your pipes. These protective devices only cost a few dollars, but they prevent hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Still Experiencing Plumbing Problems?

Although these tips can help you stave off most plumbing problems, careless guests can still wreak havoc on your drains and pipes. Hire a plumber after the holiday season to inspect your pipes for cracks, clogs, leaks, and other damage.

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