Parents Must Understand the Dangers of Sewer Gas in a Home

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

The task of keeping your home smell-free often requires a lot of work, especially if you have gross sewer smells coming out of your sinks and your toilets every time you use them. Therefore, you need to take immediate steps to manage this issue as soon as possible.

And if you have children, you need to take care of your sewer even sooner. Your children will be more affected by this gas buildup than you, and they may also require medical treatment to manage any issues it causes. Thankfully, professional plumbers can handle this issue for you quickly and easily.

The Causes of Sewer Gas Smells

Many different issues can cause sewer gas smells in your home. For example, a sewer backup in your septic tank may cause odors to drift up through your pipes. However, drain clogs can also create sewer smells. The origin of that odor is rotting waste material, and if your clog is severe enough, that material could be decomposing in your pipes and creating a nasty sewer smell.

A dry sink trap can also cause sewer smells, as it is designed to block out these smells and must remain moist to do so. As a result, a dry sink tap is going to let sewer smells into your home. Thankfully, this problem is probably the least worrisome issue that can cause sewer smells. Issues such as clogs in your septic tank are more severe and will cost more money to manage.

No matter what the cause, you must get sewer gas out of your home as soon as possible. Those smells aren’t just gross but potentially dangerous. They are particularly problematic during the winter because you’re less likely to open your windows and the gas will build up to even higher levels and potentially affect your children.

The Health Problems Associated with Sewer Gas

A variety of different toxic elements are present in sewer gas. Hydrogen sulfide is the worst of these dangerous gases and can cause a lot of issues during exposure. Even low levels can irritate the eyes and causes confusion, nausea, headaches, and drowsiness. Higher levels can knock your child out, put them in a coma, and even kill them.

However, you and other adults can also be affected by these problems with moderate to severe exposure. Unfortunately, these health concerns are going to be even worse for your children because their bodies are more sensitive to changes. Therefore, it is essential to manage this situation as soon as possible by doing a few DIY fixes or having a plumber do them for you.

Ways of Managing Sewer Gas in Your Home 

You can eliminate sewer gas from your home by taking several simple steps. First, you can check your sink traps and fill them with water. Most of the time, this should stop sewer smells from wafting through your home, but you might notice sewer smells even after performing this step. If you do, you need to get your pipes unclogged and your plumbing system inspected.

During this inspection, your plumbers will work to find sewer gas issues. For example, your roof plumbing vent may be blocked due to various types of debris. Birds and even squirrels make their nests in these areas because they are secluded and dry. However, your plumbers may also notice leaks in your pipes that cause sewer gas to escape them and spread through your home.

Take control of these problems to eliminate pungent sewer gas smells from your home. Performing these actions will protect you and your children from the serious dangers of these and other types of gases. Please don’t hesitate to contact Rakeman Plumbing about this issue if you find it occurring in your home.

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