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How to Maintain and Troubleshoot Residential Drains

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As a homeowner, you have many ongoing tasks to keep your home running smoothly. Among these tasks is the maintenance of your plumbing and drainage systems.

Even with normal or minimal household usage, the drains in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room can become slow and clogged over time. To keep your drains in good working order, only allow water to drain into them.

The most common hazards for residential drains are hair, grease, oil, garbage, debris, and soap scum. These things can clog your drains, cause corrosion, create sewage backups, and result in costly repairs.

Designing a New Restaurant? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions About Your Plumbing Needs

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The plumbing in your new restaurant will be mostly out of sight once the facility is complete. Yet your hidden plumbing system is a key part of your very existence as a food service business. Water is necessary for everything from safe food preparation to adequate tableware-washing. Without it, you can’t keep your guests and the local health inspector happy.

When designing your new restaurant, designate a plumbing specialist from the very start of the project. This is especially important when you want to run a sustainable restaurant. Ask yourself the following questions as you plan your restaurant plumbing layout.

Should I Worry About My Pipes Freezing?

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Nevada isn’t necessarily known for its cold temperatures. In fact, it’s quite normal for parts of Nevada to see temperatures in the 100s during the summer. So when you see friends on social media complaining about cold weather and snow during winter, you can’t exactly relate.

One major problem for homeowners during winter is the possibility of freezing pipes. In places that regularly dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, frozen and busted pipes become a very big reality for many. But as a homeowner in Nevada, do you even have to worry about that?

While chances aren’t high that your pipes will freeze (even in the dead of winter), it can still happen. After all, one good night of freezing weather is all it takes to bust your pipes and cause a great deal of plumbing damage.

If you own a vacation home in Central or Northern Nevada where temperatures frequently drop (or you want to prepare for a freak cold spell…hey, it happens!), you should take cautionary steps to winterize your pipes and prevent damage.

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