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Cooking at home is made easier in a variety of different ways. Having the proper cookware and appliances helps, but plumbing upgrades can go a long way! Plumbing upgrades around your kitchen will make the prepping and cooking of meals so much easier.

Cooking at home provides big portions, saves money, and reduces the number of processed foods you consume. By upgrading the plumbing, you will be encouraged to cook more and reduce the time it takes to cook.

Here are 4 Plumbing Upgrades Ideal For Home Cooking made specifically for you by your local plumbers at Rakeman Plumbing in North Las Vegas:

1. Pot-Filler Faucets

A pot filler faucet is a swing-out faucet on a long, jointed arm, mounted over the stove.

Just think about the convenience that would provide! Instead of lugging around a heavy, awkward pot full of hot water back and forth from the sink to the stove, you have a faucet already there, waiting for you!

Then, once you’re done filling up your pot, the faucet simply folds back against the wall, out of the way for your cooking process. It doesn’t get easier than that my friend.

Not to mention, installation is a relatively simple process. Most pot filler faucets only require a single one-half inch cold water supply line, which a Rakeman plumber can install in 30 minutes or less! Who’s ready for this in their kitchen?! Because I am!

2. Prep Sink

Do you and your family often host large gatherings, parties, or holidays at your house? A prep sink could be the exact thing you are looking for.

A prep sink will allow you and your fellow kitchen mates the room and extra sink space you need during cooking. No more bumping into one another in the work area of the kitchen or waiting for someone to finish with the main sink!

Prep sinks are often found in an island, and for good reason. You’ll have a beautifully large, convenient prep area right there. No more running back and forth between your island and sink!

3. Refrigerator Water Line

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade the ‘ol refrigerator eh? Maybe you’ve got the basic model– meaning no ice or water dispenser. You know what we’re talking about– you’re constantly having to pull out the freezer bottom drawer to hand pick out your ice, or store a pitcher of filtered water in your fridge for drinking.

Well, it may be time to upgrade to a fridge that conveniently provides a water and ice dispenser, and with that, you’ll need a Refrigerator Water Line that will provide a consistent source of water to your fridge, for your everyday needs.

4. Dishwasher Water Line

Now, if you already have a dishwasher in your home, than you most likely have a water line already installed to provide your dishwasher with a consistent water source. But for those of you whose homes don’t have a dishwasher, perhaps it’s time to consider installing one?

There are many benefits to having a dishwasher in your home! Dishwashers are cost-effective, wastes less water than hand washing, and can hold more dishes than the normal kitchen sink can.

In fact, Energy-star certified dishwashers can use as little as 3-5 gallons of water for a wash, which in turn helps your save a pretty penny on the monthly water costs and electricity bills!

Remember, when you’re looking to renovate or upgrade your home, think of your local Las Vegas plumbers and contractors, at Rakeman Plumbing!

With the help of a kitchen remodeling plumbing contractor from Rakeman Plumbing, you can turn those dreams into reality. With over 50 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we provide speedy repairs and reliable installations backed up by warranties.