Water Filtering Services for the Las Vegas, NV Area

Indoor plumbing provides you with flowing water that you can use whenever you want. But have you thought about what else could lurk inside your tap water? Metals, microorganisms, and even bugs can find their way inside your pipes—and subsequently into your tap water.

Rather than drinking contaminated water, contact a water filtration plumber in Las Vegas, NV. At Rakeman Plumbing, we can talk to you about various water filtration systems and how they can benefit you and your household.

Take Advantage of Clean Drinking Water

Whether you own a house or a commercial property, you can benefit from clean drinking water. When you add a water filtration system to your building, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Your water will be free of dirt, bugs, and other debris that could make you sick.
  • Your water filter will remove up to 99 percent of the chlorine in your water, so it tastes cleaner instead of tasting like a swimming pool.
  • Whole house filters are great for homes or offices that were not originally plumbed with a soft water loop.

Additionally, if you install a whole-house filter into your home or office’s plumbing system, everyone inside your building can take advantage of these benefits by simply turning on the tap.

Turn to Rakeman Plumbing for Quality Services

Since 1957, Rakeman Plumbing has provided Las Vegas residents and businesses with quality plumbing services. We aim to provide friendly, trustworthy plumbing repair services, and we take pride in the loyal customer base we’ve built. Today, we still hold those same ideals and try our hardest to serve you the best way possible.

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Ready to improve the quality and taste of your water? Call Rakeman Plumbing in Las Vegas, NV to have a water filtration system installed in your property. You can reach us at 702-642-8553.

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