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3 Common Causes of Water Heater Leaks

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

Of all the appliances in your home, few experience quite as much use as the water heater. Not only must the water heater provide your plumbing fixtures with hot water, but it also supplies a range of secondary appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. This heavy workload means that, as time goes on, a water heater may develop problematic leaks.

A leaking water heater puts your family at serious risk of injury while also increasing the chances that your home will suffer water damage. If you would like to increase your knowledge of water heater leaks, keep reading. This article takes a closer look at three common causes of a leaky water heater.

Winterize Your Pipes With a Few Simple Tips

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

adjustable wrench and pipes on the wooden backgroundWith winter on its merry way, one of the first things homeowners worry about is how to weather-proof their homes. Winterizing your home means addressing potential plumbing issues before they become a problem.

Winterizing your pipes is critical, as water freezing inside your pipes expands them, producing pressure and causing damage. Many Nevada homeowners don’t realize the need to winterize their homes, but the truth is that even Nevada experiences wind chill and freezing.

Your plan to winterize your home begins with addressing these issues. With this information, you can avoid any potential problems.

Parents Must Understand the Dangers of Sewer Gas in a Home

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

The task of keeping your home smell-free often requires a lot of work, especially if you have gross sewer smells coming out of your sinks and your toilets every time you use them. Therefore, you need to take immediate steps to manage this issue as soon as possible.

And if you have children, you need to take care of your sewer even sooner. Your children will be more affected by this gas buildup than you, and they may also require medical treatment to manage any issues it causes. Thankfully, professional plumbers can handle this issue for you quickly and easily.

Second-Floor Laundry Rooms: What to Consider Before Relocating Appliances

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

Laundry usually piles up the most in bathrooms and bedrooms. Two-story homes with a laundry room on a lower level can be inconvenient if people have to tote several baskets of linens up and down the stairs each week. Second-story laundry rooms reduce the lifting, but homeowners who are ready to move the appliances upstairs need to continue with caution to avoid problems.

Check the Support

Basic washers and dryers are a safe weight for use in the upper levels of most homes, but older houses may need reinforcement even for smaller appliances. The installation of large-capacity appliances could mean reinforcement is a necessity even in a newer home. Have a general contractor inspect the home before you make any changes.

4 Plumbing Upgrades Ideal For Home Cooking

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

Cooking at home is made easier a variety of different ways. Having the proper cookware and appliances helps, but knowing what plumbing upgrades to have goes a long way. Plumbing upgrades around your kitchen will make the prepping and cooking of meals a lot easier.

Cooking at home provides big portions, saves money, and reduces the amount of processed foods you consume. By upgrading the plumbing, you will be encouraged to cook more and reduce the time it takes to cook.

Browse through various plumbing upgrades and see how they integrate into your own kitchen.

4 Common Causes of Kitchen Sink Leaks

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

Some kitchen sink leaks are obvious, while others are hard to find and will drive you crazy as you try to hunt them down. Small leaks located underneath your sink can be some of the hardest to find, but they can still cause a lot of damage. Here are four common causes of leaks under and around your kitchen sink.

  1. Disposal Damage or Loose Connection

The kitchen sink disposal offers several potential points of failure where seals can fail and come loose. The first one is the flange where the top of the disposal connects to the inside of your sink. The bottom of the unit, where it connects to the main drain, is another connection that can come loose. And if the unit connects to the dishwasher drain, the unit can leak there too.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters for Large Families

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

Large families face several financial responsibilities ranging from groceries to energy bills. One way that many large families try to lower their energy consumption is with their hot water heater.  If you are trying to lower your energy expenses, a tankless hot water heater may be ideal. Tankless hot water heaters offer benefits your large family may want to consider.

Space Saving Benefits

Having a large family means having limited space. This space isn’t only with living space. It is also limiting your storage space as well. A traditional water heater requires a certain amount of space for that water heater tank. This closet or space must have a 12-inch clearance on all sides. An air opening must be in place in this space. Each air opening, such as ducts, must be at least 3 inches in diameter.

3 Common Water Heater Problems and Their Solutions

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

If you have a tank-style water heater, you may not think about it very often. However, ignoring your water heater can lead to expensive bills down the road. Learn the three biggest problems that water heaters can have in this blog and how to solve them — and make sure to keep your water heater in mind when you schedule your important home maintenance tasks.

  1. Water Heaters Can Leak

When it comes to flooding, leaks, and other water damage in the home, the water heater is one of the five most common causes. Because a tank-style water heater holds a lot of water at once, if it begins to leak, the results can be messy at best and damaging to your home at worst.

5 Reasons You Might Hear Gurgling Sounds in Your Bathroom

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

That telltale glug-glug sound in your bathroom is rarely a welcome discovery. Whether it’s coming from the shower, sink, or toilet, you can tell right away that it’s not normal. The question is, what is it and why is it in your house? Here are five reasons you may hear a gurgle in your bathroom plumbing.

  1. Plumbing Vent Blockage

Blockages in your plumbing vents can develop over time and cause these types of sounds. The vents are meant to (among other things) let air in so water can flow through the pipes at a steady rate without pressure problems. It’s similar to the pinhole on your coffee mug, which lets air in so that the hot coffee doesn’t come out in glugs and burn you.

If you know for sure that you haven’t heard the gurgling sound before, that means it’s a recent problem, which makes blockage a likely candidate. Since plumbing vents are typically located on the roof, it’s best to let a professional handle this problem.

Plumbing Tips to Avoid a Sudden Mess on Easter Sunday

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

Easter Sunday is a popular time for family and friends to gather together for large feasts and activities. Hosting an Easter Sunday dinner at your home may include a lot of people, drinks, and food. But along with preparing a list of party supplies, you should also prepare for any plumbing needs you may have for the party.

Taking preventative steps with your plumbing can make a big difference when it comes to clearing drains and preventing any issues during the holiday dinner. You can follow multiple tips to check for any problems present and prevent them from occurring during the festivities.

Follow this guide for Easter Sunday gatherings or any other parties you may be hosting this spring.

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