4 Plumbing Upgrades Ideal For Home Cooking

Written by Tom Elliott. Posted in Rakeman Blog

Cooking at home is made easier a variety of different ways. Having the proper cookware and appliances helps, but knowing what plumbing upgrades to have goes a long way. Plumbing upgrades around your kitchen will make the prepping and cooking of meals a lot easier.

Cooking at home provides big portions, saves money, and reduces the amount of processed foods you consume. By upgrading the plumbing, you will be encouraged to cook more and reduce the time it takes to cook.

Browse through various plumbing upgrades and see how they integrate into your own kitchen.

    1. Pot-Filler Water Line

    Large pots of water are often needed for cooking pastas, boiling potatoes, or steaming foods like fresh lobster. Carrying a giant pot of water from the sink to the stovetop is no easy task and may be a challenge for some. Instead of risking dropped pans or potential injuries, upgrade your home with a pot-filler water line.

    A plumber installs the water line to run directly near your stove. The pot-filler is a small hanging faucet that swings outward and hangs directly over a pot placed on the stove. The faucet turns on and a gush of water easily fills the pot as needed for boiling or steaming.

    Along with cooking, the pot-filler is ideal for coffee pots and tea kettles. A pot-filler may be installed with a number of different finishes to match your stove, backsplash, or other faucets installed in the kitchen.

    1. Prep Sink

    When preparing fresh foods to cook, a lot of cleaning is needed, especially with fruit and vegetables. Instead of mixing up your dishes with your meals, the installation of an island prep sink makes things a lot easier.

    A prep sink is a smaller sink ideal for cleaning foods and rinsing them as needed. Once rinsed, the island area has plenty of space to chop, cut, or marinate the foods as needed. While cooking, the prep sink is an ideal place to rinse off your hands quickly and get right back to cooking.

    A plumber is able to run a water and drain line to your island and ensure you have proper water flow for the prep sink area. Prep sinks vary by size but often are much smaller than a traditional kitchen sink.

    1. Refrigerator Water Line

    Using a fridge with built-in water and ice access is not only ideal for drinks but helps with the cooking process as well. If no water line is available for the fridge, the whole feature becomes useless.

    A plumber will extend a water line to your fridge area and supply you with the ability to have access to automatic ice. Ice may be used with all aspects of cooking. Crushed ice may be used for blending smoothies. Ice cubes may be used to help cool a sauce down. A bed of ice may be used to serve up some seafood like clams or fresh shrimp platters.

    1. Dishwasher Water Line

    Another water line you may want to add to your kitchen is a dishwasher water line. The dishwasher line provides fresh water and drainage options for a dishwasher. The more you cook at home, the more dishes you will accumulate. High-powered dishwashers provide the ability to easily clean pots and pans while reducing the amount of dishes you need to have cleaned.

    A dishwasher water line is usually installed next to a kitchen sink, but you might prefer another area. An experienced plumber has the ability to expand the lines and provide you with a proper space for the home appliance.

    For all of your kitchen plumbing needs, contact us at Rakeman Plumbing and Rakeman Air. We have years of experience and can answer any questions you may have.

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