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Your plumbing can be easy to forget about. But when something goes wrong, it becomes impossible to ignore. Don’t wait to find out what plumbing repairs you need to keep your home safe from disaster. It is always easier—and more cost efficient—to repair a damaged drain than it is to deal with flooding.

For your safety, these indicators suggest you need plumbing repairs:

  • Reduced water pressure. You may have problems with your backflow preventer, broken water
    line, corroded fittings or a faulty pressure reducing valve.
  • Sinks and tubs that don’t drain. Clogged drains are common plumbing repair issues. They are inexpensive unless you wait too long. We offer Alpha 1 drain treatment that helps keep your drains flowing after we clear the drains for you.
  • Toilet doesn’t flush properly. This may be a clogged drain, damaged parts or an older toilet that the rim ports have mineral (hard water) build up. Don’t ignore this problem, it can waste water or back up and flood your bath room.
  • Faucets leak or don’t function properly. This is generally a result of mineral deposits, corrosion, and damaged internal parts. Repairs are normally much cheaper than full replacements.
  • Water pooling in front or back yard. You may have a broken sewage line, broken water supply line, irrigation line broken or a drainage problem. The only way to really know is to call Rakeman Plumbing.
  • Sewage/odd smells around the house. Damaged sewer lines, clogged sewer line or back water valve issues are the biggest culprits.
  • Inconsistent hot water. Your hot water heater may be malfunctioning for a number of reasons. Call us for more details.
  • Increase in hard water deposits. This issue is more a location problem than anything. Rakeman Plumbing can help you with water softeners and conditioners.

Waiting on repairs is a mistake. Contact us today for your free estimates and special discounts. Rakeman Plumbing provides the plumbing repair North Las Vegas and the entire Las Vegas area needs. We’ll help you avoid higher expenses (both monthly and long-term), greater damages to your property, and potential threats to you and your family.

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