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You go to the kitchen, turn on the tap, fill a glass with water, and take a sip. You expect a crisp, cool drink. But instead, you taste something metallic or rusty. Or perhaps you go to your bathroom and turn on the faucet to fill up your tub. Rather than seeing clear water flow out, you see slightly discolored water.

If you relate to the scenarios listed above, you may need to contact a plumber and schedule repiping services for your Las Vegas, NV home. And when you let Rakeman Plumbing handle all of your pluming needs, you can rest assured that we’ll resolve the problem and return your home’s plumbing system back to normal.

Signs You Need Repiping Services

Whether you own a home or you manage a commercial property, like a hotel, you can depend on us to repipe your drainage and supply pipes. Some signs that indicate you need repiping include:

  • Rust in your water
  • Leaks that occur frequently
  • Yellow- or brown-colored water
  • Corrosion on exposed pipes

Additionally, if you have lead pipes, you need to have them replaced immediately. Your building’s age may require you to get new pipes as well, depending on the material used for the pipe. For example, brass, copper, and cast iron pipes should be replaced every 80 years. Galvanized steel can last for 100 years before needing replacing, and PVC pipes have a lifespan of up to 40 years.

Plumbing Contractors You Can Trust

Since 1957, we’ve served homeowners and commercial property owners in the Las Vegas area. We understand how intricate each building’s plumbing system is, and we work diligently to provide you with the proper services. We also strive to treat you and your property with care and respect while we work.

Take Advantage of a Repiped System

If you need home repiping or hotel repiping in Las Vegas, NV, turn to Rakeman Plumbing. Call us at 702-642-8553 to schedule a service. We can also answer any questions you have about repiping so you better understand the work we’ll do to restore your home’s supply and drainage pipes.

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